About Us

We believe that the advances in computing technology was the most important human achievement, that has given us a whole new world of connectivity, entertainment, information etc. It’s like a world within.
Constantly evolving technology is a common norm these days. And getting confused when buying something or the desire to do something innovative with whatever you have, has also become the norm. But often, while trying that, people find themselves in a fix- “What do I go for? iPhone 6 or maybe Galaxy S6?” Or “I bought a new phone, but I don’t like its stock condition, what do I do? ” That’s where we come in. We at Syndicate Tech like to question everything- What does this do? What happens when we do that etc.
And to our astonishment, we always find some amazing answers. And with those answers, we intend to do the one thing we love most- Share. Share with you people, help you and obviously interact with you, to know what more can be done, what do you, our readers, want. We try the craziest thing on almost anything we find- from unlocking a brand new phone , to taking a GTX 960 apart to paint it. 😛 And trust us, the fun never stops. So stay tuned for an amazing experience.

We will cover four most common topics here- Work, Play, Entertainment and Computer Science. We’ll review Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets and Computers- anything that we can get our hands on. We will talk about Apps, Games, Softwares and Operating systems to help you keep your gadgets up to date. Also, we’ll post guides on how to build a PC under a certain budget, how to unlock your phone and flash a custom firmware, overclocking your gadgets etc. etc. etc. Apart from that we’ll try to share educational material in a simplified way- stuff we have gathered for years and stuff we use from day to day.

Oh! And let us introduce ourselves. At the moment, we are a two person team, but we are always on the lookout for new team members and horizons. Anyway, I am captmactavish, co- founder of Syndicate Tech. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. I am a developer since 10 and a gamer since 6. Built my first PC at 13 and compiled my first app at 14. Hope to have lots of fun with you guys. 🙂
And I am alaska. I am a person with eclectic interests. To name a few- “Tech Stuff” 😛 , Manga, Traveling, World Music etc. i co founded Syndicate Tech with captmactavish.  I am a sophomore year Computer Science Bachelor student. I aspire to be a Computer Engineer who’s a part time Otaku! 😀
Also we both are hardcore gamers. 😀


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